Waterloo Road returns to BBC One in Autumn 2014!

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Waterloo Road will return to BBC One in the Autumn of 2014 for Series 9C. This block will consist of 10 episodes.

Waterloo Road Returns!

Clemmie Moodie Goes Back To School

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2014, by Sophie Thomas

This block of Episodes (Episodes 21-30) will see a new Head Teacher, Vaughn Fitzgerald (played by Neil Pearson) take over from Acting Head Simon. Allie Westbrook (played by Nicola Stephenson) will also be appearing on our screen when Series 9C airs as a new teacher.


Despite many cast member departing the show in Series 9B many are staying for the remainder of Series 9. These cast members include:


  • Christine Mulgrew

  • Simon Lowsley

  • Sue Lowsley

  • Hector Reid

  • Dynasty Barry

  • Kacey Barry

  • Kevin Chalk

  • Harley Talyor

  • Darren Hughes

  • Lenny Brown

  • Lisa Brown

  • Shazney Montrose

  • Gabriella Wark


There will be a Series 10 of Waterloo Road, which is set to begin filming in Spring 2014.

Cast Updates for Series 9C and Series 10

Waterloo Road will be airing storylines connected to next summer's Commonwealth Games! The shows' characters will get involved in Glasgow 2014 as part of BBC Scotland's coverage of the international sporting event.

Commonwealth Games

The BBC boss praises Waterloo Road's success since the show moved to Greenock, Scotland. Lord Patten visited the Waterloo Road set in Greenock and met with show maker Eileen Gallagher, of Shed Productions.

BBC Boss praises Waterloo Road

Clemmie took a trip to the set of the popular TV show, Waterloo Road to see exactly how the drama is made.

Adjusting my slightly itchy, polyester tie and secretly plastering on another layer of mascara, I am instantly transported back 15 years.


With the unmistakable waft of teenage hormones – and what smells suspiciously like Lynx Africa – I am back at school... at one of the most famous comprehensives in the land: Waterloo Road.


Click the link below to read the full interview.

Clemmie Moodie goes back to School!

Clemmie Moodie at Waterloo Road (1)

Mile High, Cutting It, Clocking Off and Playing the Field - and launches our new Brit primetime double bills from April 10. We're confident this gripping drama will resonate with our viewers."

Classic Waterloo Road Episodes air on CBS Drama


CBS Drama has picked up the rights to air classic series of Waterloo Road. The school-set BBC drama will be broadcast on the channel from April 10th 2013.


"Waterloo Road is an exciting title for CBS Drama," said Alina Florea, Director of Programming at CBS Chello Zone Channels.


"It bolsters our primetime schedule with another favourite UK series that viewers can enjoy from the very beginning - following the ever popular

New Head - Neil Pearson Interview

Waterloo Road will have a new head teacher in series ten, it has been revealed.


Neil Pearson, who is to star as incoming teacher Vaughn Fitzgerald in the next series of the continuing BBC One drama, will play the new head next year.


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New Head Teacher at Waterloo Road

Neil Pearson as Vaughan Fitzgerald Final Series of Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road cast members have begun filming the show's final series.

Laurie Brett (plays Christine Mulgrew) and Neil Pearson (plays Vaughan Fitzgerald), were among those on set in Greenock, Scotland as filming for Series 10 started on the 26th May.


Waterloo Road returns to BBC One later this year with the final ten episodes of Series 9, meanwhile the ten episodes which are being filmed over the coming months will air in 2015.


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The Final Series of Waterloo Road have begun Filming!

Laurie Brett and Neil Pearson